Customers deserve products and services that exceed their expectations. We provide the technology and knowhow to establish a better connection between companies and their customers to unleash new potential for customer happiness.

With its software products and approach to analyzing product usage information, the company aims to holistically improve the so called User eXperience; hence its name “UXsuite.”

What does UXsuite GmbH do?

UXsuite GmbH develops advanced analytics software and tools to collect, measure and influence behavioral usage and attitudinal experience of a range of electronic products from websites to tangible electronics devices.

UXsuite GmbH offers also training, coaching and consultancy services to help with:

  • Data collection: initial product/website instrumentation,
  • Data processing: jumpstart getting the right information from raw data,
  • Data analysis and push actions: making the most of UXsuite’s full stack.

By using UXsuite software and services, companies actively inform and improve their design and development practices, as well as their market research and customer service operations. Ultimately by achieving excellent customer experiences through real-time and proactive information loops enabled by UXsuite, companies win and sustain an essential competitive advantage in the rapidly changing global market.

What is unique about UXsuite?

UXsuite’s award-winning technology makes advanced analytics the everyday playground of every kind of product stakeholder from engineers to anthropologists, through an app:

  • All visual. And not only in terms of bar charts, timelines, and maps, but first and foremost in terms of flow charts of events that you can generate, label, cluster, filter, segment, test and even animate in real-time or in retrospect.
  • All interactive. It is about discovery, right? As soon as you spot interesting phenomena on a bar chart, timeline, map, or usage flow, you can start intuitively interacting with it by filtering, segmenting, animating, comparing, while observing the effects of your interactions on all visuals at once. So that you will reach solid conclusions within seconds. No code, no queries, no logic statements.
  • All real-time adaptable. Like magic. Throughout the entire data cycle from collection to processing and to analysis. Empowering you to be flexible and agile, just as your business objectives, needs, and market trends change.
  • Seamless effects. Your end-users do not experience any interruptions or adaptations you do on the real-time information loops.
  • Push actions. How useful can analytics be without empowering for real-time actions? UXsuite enables you to design and actively start/stop actions as tied to specific patterns or users for any specific time period. And surely, you get to include all that delicious new data in your analytics.
  • Intentions in context of behavior. Never before has it been possible to directly evaluate customer feedback in context of customer interactions with your product. The world of ethnography and analytics are finally brought together by UXsuite’s integrated survey creation, submission, and analysis feature. No more complaining about “what users say is not what they do”. You get to see both and jointly in one view for detailed analytics.
  • Web and tangibles. While the above innovations are unprecedented already in the more established web-analytics domain, UXsuite makes them available also for tangibles and even big data in the cloud (e.g., as collected from sensors)… so long as you are interested making sense of how your customers experience your product and services. Or how your employees use your software systems… so that you can improve your company’s efficiency.

With all these unique contributions, UXsuite does not only dramatically broaden the horizons of web analytics, but also introduce product analytics (for tangibles), process analytics for everyday analytics users, and customer feedback analytics.

Where does UXsuite technology come from?

UXsuite’s cutting-edge technology originates from the results of research done at the Technical University of Eindhoven, the Netherlands, during 2005 – 2012.
During the research period, successful cases were conducted at companies such as Philips and Océ (now Canon) that proved also the commercial need for this technology. The research team won prestigious awards, including a high-tech innovation prize of the Dutch Government, worth 225 000 EUR, to deliver the technology to the market.