UXsuite: Analytics for tangibles. First of its kind.

For electronic devices with Internet connectivity such as TVs, smart phones, mobile electronics, navigation devices, printers, hospital equipment, and more.

Your lab = your field
Conduct usability tests with actual customers around the world in real-time.

Users say ≠ users do
Get to see both and jointly in one view for detailed analytics. The world of ethnography and analytics finally brought together for designing premium user experiences.

Development cycle = feedback cycle
No more delays in utilizing customer feedback in development. Involve your customers in your design and development.

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iconmonstr-fast-forward-5-iconSeamless integration. On most platforms, just link a library or component and dump all your events on it.

iconmonstr-gear-10-iconLogging frameworks. We also integrate with popular logging frameworks.

iconmonstr-power-off-3-iconOnline / offline. Not all devices are always connected to the Internet, no problem.

iconmonstr-multi-files-4-iconLog files import Curious to visually discover hidden processes and patterns in your log files?

iconmonstr-picture-edit-iconVisual Processing. Every stakeholder can define her own processing rules in a visual editor. Ready to start data processing, ready to share with others?

iconmonstr-filter-3-iconSave bandwidth. Sending all events is simply too much? UXsuite supports reconfigurable on-device filtering and processing.

iconmonstr-grid-small-view-iconMultiple views on data. Visualize events in multiple ways in terms of your own terminology and interests. Don’t be bothered by raw data, unless you want to.

iconmonstr-network-2-iconInteractive visual analysis. Analyze event flows and use all advanced web analytics features also in the tangibles domain.

iconmonstr-network-2-iconProactive push actions. Be a step ahead of your customer. Delight him or her by delivering the right content and support just before it is asked for.

iconmonstr-network-2-iconContextual surveys. Ask the right question to the right customer at the right time. Every time.