Feature highlights

Get an impression of what you can uniquely achieve with UXsuite for Tangibles. For a full overview, request a demo.


Seamless integration – On most platforms, just link a library or component and dump all your events on it.

With UXsuite’s product integration, you will have the full flexibility to manage and adapt data sources and utilize the full feature set of UXsuite. Supported by our expert integration services, the world of proactive analytics will be at your fingertips to seamlessly detect and improve customer experiences with your products around the globe. Bonus is that you can already start global testing with working prototypes of your product, for example during alpha-/beta-tests. Field feedback from tangible electronic devices has never been so accessible and rich.

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Logging frameworks – We also integrate with popular logging frameworks.

Currently using a logging framework? Willing to see the wonders you can achieve with UXsuite already without a full-integration? UXsuite has log adapters to connect with most popular logging frameworks. Within minutes you are set up.

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Online / offline – Not all devices are always connected to the Internet, no problem.

Are not all your devices always online? No problem. The collected data on each product will be pushed to UXsuite servers in batches, where they will accumulate for your use for tasty analytics. Also any push actions will be sent the products for their pattern-based activation at your customer’s end.

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Log files import – Curious to visually discover hidden and patterns in your product log files?

Existing log files can readily be fed into UXsuite to visually explore and discover hidden patterns or explore and compare processes. Just import them using the UXsuite client software and enter the world of all interactive visuals. No more dealing with XLS or raw CSV files for you.


Visual processing – Every stakeholder can define her own processing rules in a visual editor. Ready to start data processing, ready to share with others.

As soon as you are past beyond the point of wondering “in what order, with what frequency, and engagement-level per session do customers experience features of my product?”, typically patterns become most interesting to track and act upon. Using UXsuite’s native visual editor, you only drag and drop boxes-and-arrows to start specific patterns-tracking based on your self-designed scenarios, which may also include proactive push actions. You can run as many such patterns/scenarios/business rules in parallel as you like to process the data, with the full flexibility of switching each one on-and-off any time. Bonus is that your self-designed patterns can be shared with other product stakeholders to foster your collaborations.

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Bandwidth – Sending all events is simply too much? UXsuite supports reconfigurable on-device filtering and processing.

Data collection and analytics as such are always additional things to the functionality of a product that often constrains connection to the outer world. We help you keep this vital link open and information flowing: With UXsuite you can bring adaptive filtering and processing to the product, so only the relevant essence of data is actually sent. Due to the smart filtering, you will not loose anything important. Word!


Multiple views on data – Visualize events in multiple ways in terms of your own terminonlogy and interests. Don’t be bothered by raw data, unless you want to.

Interested in viewing your data in terms of features, or personas, or just raw events, or event clusters? You can have all such views on the same data to feed your insights and even explore them in parallel by simultaneously applying same filters to all. Bonus is that you are in charge of the terminology you use in all views. No more dealing with meaningless or superfluous labels.


Interactive visual analysis – Analyze event flows and use all advanced web analytics features als in the tangibles domain.

Filter, cluster, label, isolate, hide or show, zoom in and out on relevant parts of usage flows. No cluttering, no nonsense. Create multifold comparative views in one screen. No mathematical or textual query formulation, all visual and intuitive. Define and apply however many business rules you like on incoming data in real time, as well as on collected data in retrospect for comparisons, to test or verify your assumptions. Align your analytics with evolving business objectives. Like never before.


Proactive push actions – Be a step ahead of your customer. Delight him or her by delivering the right content and support just before it is asked for.

Be it a custom and targeted survey, or a banner with dynamically customized FAQs, or auto referrals to other menu items, or content adaptations on the fly, or a chat option, you can set and reset or activate and deactivate all push actions any time to proactively shape customer experiences. All based on in-session and historical behaviors.


Contextual surveys – Ask the right question to the right customer at the right time. Every time.

Create custom surveys and target them to a desired set of customers as based on specific usage patterns. And even if you have no programming skills! Bonus is that, response to any survey question is included in the tracking. Just filter and compare behaviors based on alternative survey responses: happy vs. unhappy customers’ behaviors in the UK.

Wondering about UXsuite’s delivery model, stack contents, software modules, and topics related to data ownership, customer privacy, data storage, customer support, and pricing? Have a look at our FAQs.