UXsuite: New generation web analytics

For websites, mini-sites, portals, desktop software, or mobile apps on iOS, Android, Blackberry.

Dynamically tailored content per customer
Detect what each customer is after and show them exactly that.

Moving targets? No longer an issue! Business rules = your rules
Define and refine activity patterns of interest for your targeted missions and investigations of customers’ evolving behavior.

Customer feedback in context of corresponding behaviors. All in one view
Filter and compare customers’ behavior based on their responses to individual survey questions.

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iconmonstr-fast-forward-5-iconSeamless integration. A single script will do all the work – with a small footprint and supporting super-easy integration.

iconmonstr-tablet-4-iconPoint-and-click instrumentation. Without any programming knowledge, select elements of webpages to track and take action. Simulate the end-user effects before going live.

iconmonstr-location-18-iconCookie-less tracking. Be safe in the rise of the EU cookie law.

iconmonstr-picture-edit-iconVisual tracking. Use our visual editor to track patterns in your incoming data and to automatically attach semantic information or direct actions.

iconmonstr-download-11-iconProactive push actions. Be a step ahead of your customer. Delight him or her by delivering the right content and support just before it is asked for.

iconmonstr-clipboard-5-iconContextual surveys. Ask the right question to the right person at the right time. Every time.

iconmonstr-network-2-iconInteractive use flow analysis. Discover usage trends as they emerge. Free yourself from data pollution by advanced options. Align your analytics with evolving business objectives.

iconmonstr-connection-2-iconA/B & multivariate testing. Without interrupting end-user flows, dynamically set tests targeted to your desired group of customers (or all) to quickly see which pages or page elements are the most or least preferred where and when.