About UXsuite

We develop and run advanced web analytics software and tools to collect, measure and influence behavioral usage and attitudinal experience on websites. We combine privacy-preserving web analytics with process mining to deliver insights and activate the customer experience.

We offer training, coaching and consultancy services for:

Customers deserve products and services that exceed their expectations. We provide the technology and knowhow to establish a better connection between you and your customers. We do this with a mix of technology, software as a service (SaaS) and consultancy for optimal results. We often work with larger customers in various industries, helping them track data on the web, discover process bottlenecks and leverage insights towards organizational learning and product improvements.

We have over 15 years of experience in the web and product analytics market. Over these years, we have worked with small to big clients, from academia to different industries.

What we do differently

We take web analytics as an integrated challenge from data to experience activation. When you collect data from your websites and products that is a means to understand better what visitors get and use–and what they might miss. Analytics should not stop at insights. Our services and technlogoy allows you to take insights into action and adapt your website on the fly. If you wish also in a personalize way.

We look at web analytics at various level: events and pages, processes and journeys, segments and populations. Conventional web analytics can feel like not seeing the forest for the trees. Blindly optimizing specific interactions without considering the big picture is usually a waste of time and attention. At the same time, flying above the clouds is a sure way to miss opportunities closer to the ground. We need both perspectives and we need to iterate between them fast. Our technology allows for multi-perspective analytics, going from singular events, pages and visitors to the population level in seconds.

We take best practices further. All our operations are sustainable: we run on green energy and we engineer our systems to be efficient and lean. We believe in ethical data practices; this is how we operate our services and how we work with clients. Data access is important to us. We collect data using our own technology, so we can be certain about data provinience and quality. And we make ground truth data available to our customers, by default, as a download or via an API.

We give you low-threshold, high ceiling tools That means, you can get started fast and easily. Once you want to take your insights further, you can do that, too. Our customers start all visual. And not only in terms of bar charts and timelines, and we generate maps of your visitors’ journeys, and more. It is about discovery and moving fast, right? Then you can take it further either in a no-code or low-code fashion, or go deeper with various integrations.

We take the needs of various data stakeholders seriously. Too often, access to data is limited for for non-engineering stakeholders, or data is not relevant to certain objectives. Data needs are more universal than logging, debuggin and monitoring. By collecting and analyzing the right data, we can discover missed opportunities and respond to emerging trends. Similar to other orgniazational aspects, data is just more productive in multi-disciplinary settings. Our technology gives every product stakeholder access to advanced analytics that are straight-forward, no-nonsense and scalable.

We see analytics as a way to educate yourself and your organization. By using UXsuite software and services, you can actively inform and improve your design and development practices, as well as your market research and customer service operations. Excellent customer experiences through real-time and proactive information loops is an essential competitive advantage in the rapidly changing global market.

We believe in good engineering and reliable experiences. Throughout the entire data cycle from collection to processing and to analysis. Empowering you to be flexible and agile, just as your business objectives, needs, and market trends change. We value independence and prioritize rational engineering over following the next cool thingtm. We help you deploy adapted user experiences in a way that manages risk and interruptions. Our services are light-weight and we give you full control over real-time processing and interventions. And on top of that, we measure the impact of any intervention for you.

UXsuite GmbH

UXsuite GmbH was founded in Munich, Germany, in 2013 and we are currently located in Cologne, Germany. The technology is a spin-off from Eindhoven University of Technology and based on research into remote data collection and adaptive observation since 2006. We operate internationally, often together with consulting partners.

We are based in the European Union and we ensure we are compliant with all applicable data proctection rules (GDPR). Our servers are located in German datacenters (or on-premise if you prefer). We do not collect personally-identifiable information (PII) by design, and we closely cooperate with our customers on (even stricter) data protection needs.

Partners ♥️

We work with partners world-wide to support local customers, especially with technical and analytical consultancy. We currently work with partners in Canada, France, The Netherlands, Ireland, Turkey, and Greece. If you would like to become a partner, do contact us.