While our technology is available as self-service SaaS (Software as a Service) solution, we offer training, coaching and consultancy services, usually in a pilot that combines the following:

In fact, past collaborations went far beyond these three. Think of helping migrate or integrate existing data, establish links between backend systems, or developing a sustainable analytics-to-action strategy. We give a few examples below of how we can help and facilitate onboarding, journey analytics, deeper integrations or scaling insight generation beyond the data or product teams.

Our services are meant to support you when your systems or organization is more complex, your challenges more demanding, or when you would like to get it right from the start (so your teams can hit the ground running).

If you would like to know more about our services, contact us to chat about what’s possible.

Services for special deployment needs

You might have checked out our Saas technology and the available plans for small to midsize organizations. We absolutely understand that you might have different needs and that you have special requirements for your own deployments.

It could be as simple as a tight service level agreement (SLA), on-premise deployment of our technology and a specific billing arrangement. It could also be an integration of a backend system or the tracking of a particular multi-device user flow. Or you would like to track visitors on systems that are internal and not available on the public internet. Or you need special arrangements for DNS and proxying. Let’s make it happen.

Pilots that pay for themselves

In the past, we have worked with pilots that specify clear success criteria. Ideally, these criteria are tied to your revenue or conversion and the pilot pays for itself when we move the needle. Commonly, we offer a pilot package that includes:

In a nutshell it means we deliver all of our technology and then more. A pilot allows you to evaluate our services in a real case with solid KPIs. This has worked well in the past. And if not, no hard feelings.

The following examples are from real cases; they have been adapted to honor non-disclosure agreements.

Case: Getting an in-house team started

A large insurance company transfers their website operations from an external service provider to a new in-house team. The team is growing fast and struggles with implementing an analytics strategy. Using UXsuite’s technology to collect meaningful data on visitor journeys and getting coached over the first three months by the UXsuite team helps the team get on track and develop future-proof UX practices based on data.


Case: Customization of analytics (B2B2B)

An international marketing and design agency would like to offer their own branded web analytics tool with customized feature set, all while keeping control of the data collection processes, hosting, and consultancy. They use UXsuite’s technology to offer a whitelabeled analytic experience that is consistent with their brand and allows to collaborate with their customers on customer journey improvements based on analytics insights.


Case: Scaling in-house UX operations

A financial service provider with different international brands merges UX teams to unify the corporate UX operations and align UX across all brands. The new team has diverse background and experience level with data-driven UX. UXsuite coaches the team on analytics practices while helping them implement a sound technology stack with UXsuite SaaS offerings. The team is soon able to iterate on important UX KPIs independently.


Case: Connecting analytics to AI and actions

A European producer of automotive machine parts has a small web team that is difficult to grow. The team is primarily busy with digitalizing content for their web presence and making information available to internal and external stakeholders. They needed help in embedding analytics so they could better understand information needs and adapt the website accordingly. UXsuite helped them with the analytics stack and connected visitor journeys to a custom recommender system that would present personalized content panels to website visitors.


Case: Deployment and operations

A large consumer electronics manufacturer with a complex web portal and privacy needs struggled with getting their web analytics solutions to report correct data, especially for visitors from particular regions. With UXsuite’s on-premise deployment they could customize both DNS resolution for tracking scripts and fine-tune the selection of collected data to different legal requirements. UXsuite supported with dedicated infrarstructure and scaling support, and in the auditing of the tracking and analytics pipeline.


If you would like to know more about our services, contact us to chat about what’s possible.